Do you really want to help her?

I've heard her story before.

We are dying to know the details of his vacation.

I was astounded that she can speak 10 languages.

A fire broke out inside the movie theater.

It's time to come home.


He offered me a beer.

It was dark when we reached the hotel.

We've been spotted.

Does your arm hurt?

Skef wins every time.

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I figured they would enjoy that.

He has writing talent.

One thing you should know about me is that I seldom cry.

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He gets tired easily.

It's difficult to remember details.

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.


You drank a beer at lunch today, didn't you?

You talked to her, right?

The teacher looked over the exam papers.

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Harbin is very cold.

Isaac wrote me from Australia.

I saw him naked.

Can you print that out for me?

He shot an arrow at the deer.

You can't be afraid to make mistakes when learning a foreign language.

I know you have to go back to Boston.

Come back, OK?

Clean the apparatus only with dry cloth.

Suwandi is a retired nurse.

He's a close friend of mine.

I'm so proud of Vassos.

Ahmed got on the airplane.

We're investigating it.

You're the first! ... Little idiots to have made a fool of me.


Later, those from many other countries flocked to the United States because they were attracted by reports of great economic opportunities and religious and political freedom.

It was believed that the emperor's position was bestowed by the gods.

Mr Brown gave me your name.

Are you still planning to quit your job?

They elect their representatives in a voting booth.


The high school students are studying in the classroom.


The accident was due to the negligence of the caretaker.

The Americans surprised the Germans.

It was Cyrus that saved the girl.

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Just wait a second.

I had no idea you knew him.

BitTorrent has been hit by scareware.

I want people to appreciate the beauty of my native language, and I want to experience how beautiful other languages can be, too.

Is that unconstitutional?


They can understand everything he is saying.

They did well on the exercises.

You'll catch up.


Sandeep and Donnie were there, too.

It's hard to get a taxi outside the station.

Can Evelyn walk?

During Obon there is much confusion at train stations.

Let's not bother Seth.

She thinks that she can sing.

A clove cigarette miasma made navigating the pub like swimming underwater.


Eliot said he wants to meet you.


We're approaching the rendezvous point.

I just hope I get to stay with Robert for a while.

Listen carefully to what I am going to tell you.


The second button of your shirt is coming off.

Ann is a cheerleader.

Don't let this discourage you from trying it again.

The general use of forks for eating started in the tenth century A.D.

Keep very still.


I can't play tennis.


It is illegal to park a car there.


Everybody came to work early today.

Why are there beings at all, and why not rather nothing?

Jun was completely humiliated.

That's absolute nonsense.

Why are you late?

In December of that year, a new Constitution was adopted.

His house is very modern.

He wants to dispose of his books.

Were it not for the fact that he is a billionaire, she would never marry him.

The more I detest men individually the more ardent becomes my love for humanity.

As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.

I'll check my schedule.

Darin is convinced that the earth is flat.

Jim wondered if Tareq would tell him what he wanted to know.

If I'd known Randy was in Boston, I'd have tried to visit him.

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How many words does this sentence have?

Isn't this Central Driving School?

She bragged about it.

I can't continue with this charade.

There's the island of my dreams!

To speak a foreign language well takes time.

Sometimes the stock market goes up, and sometimes it goes down.

Just ignore it.

Harvey felt fantastic.

Ti is going to need medical attention.

The presidential campaign starts getting speed. All moves will be allowed. There will be blood!

What's your plan?

I studied English very hard every day, but I didn't learn a lot.


The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.

Tell me where you bought that hat.

You're not suggesting David could have done it, are you?

As far as I know he is not lazy.

He is next to me.

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That man is Emmett.

I recorded the conditions up until now!

You knew the answer all along.

Everyone does it.

They're after you.

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This car is my father's, but it'll soon be mine.

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Let's not allow Sjaak to do that.


She was hit by a car while she was crossing the street.

She's a songwriter.

I know it was you.

This is a good book for anyone wishing to learn English.

I'm dyeing my hair black.

Can I see that for a minute?

Was it really necessary to change the front wing?

Is it easy to get there?

They escaped.

The opposition is just a bunch of antiquated politicians.

He took a protein shake.

If I were to go abroad, I would go by boat.

Moira refreshes the page every 3 seconds.


Please let me know when you receive them.

Some underpaid professors are also secretaries, and some overworked administrators are professors, but no administrator is a secretary.

These two parts are interchangeable.

Sorrel just stared at Pratt.

All of Pradeep's friends laughed at Caroline.

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There are many pictures in this book.

Give me my drink.

I didn't know how to answer his question.

If the lion is the king of beasts, the eagle is the king of birds.

Mr. Ford is all right now.

How do we stop him?

Nadeem doesn't sleep as much as he used to.

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There was peace all over the world.


I'll call you again.

Even if he's busy, he'll come.

Darrell and Hotta weren't there.


Have you ever pegged your clothes up in the balcony?

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Poets select the best words.

He was accused of theft.

Keep money in a safe place.


This story was originally written in French.

I'm not the one who hurt her.

Instead of interacting with each other, each of the family members turned their attention to their mobile devices, engrossing themselves in their own entertainments.

Don't ask the old man "How are you?", instead ask him "What's bothering you today?".

Pantelis asked one of his friends for a favor.

No one is in the bathroom.

I had my suspicions.

The tourists took lots of pictures.

I don't think Francisco has very long to live.

Is something the matter? You haven't said a thing all day.

Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

You knew what you were getting into when you enlisted.

I have many friends in foreign countries.


I want you to stay exactly where you are.


That looks really bad.

We tend to make mistakes.

If there's no solution, then there's no problem.

Get your filthy hands off Carole.

I'm talking about my friend.


I'm out of patience.


I'm looking for a gift for a friend of mine.


I was thinking about Boston.